The Sherpa From Alabama

Croc Rocket's 2,000 plus mile walk along the east coast


Why am I going to hike the Appalachian Trail? Many, many people have asked me this question. My answer(s) to that, for any of you who are wondering:

Because I was inspired by some thru-hikers I met 2 years ago on a UAB Outdoor Pursuits trip that encouraged me to do it one day

Because I have always wanted to do an extended backpacking trip

Because I want to prove to myself I can do it

Because I have coworkers betting on me whether or not I finish it 😉

Because I enjoy challenge and adventure

Because I want to push myself

Because I will be one of a very small group of people that have thru-hiked the entire trail

Because the stars have miraculously aligned for me to complete it before graduate school

Because I just spent four and a half years in Engineering school and I need to exercise other parts of myself

Because I need to

Because I want to

Because I might find myself out there in the Green Tunnel


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