The Sherpa From Alabama

Croc Rocket's 2,000 plus mile walk along the east coast

About Me!

Well, I am a recent graduate in Materials Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Go Blazers and #FreeUAB). I am currently pending graduate school for the Fall of 2015, so I figured why not hike the Appalachian Trail?

I have begun assembling my itinerary, and will be posting it up here within a few weeks.

*NOTE: To my friends that will be interested in tagging along, please be aware I will have extremely intermittent access to internet/text/whatever, so if you want to do a section with me please give me at least a weeks heads up, maybe even 2 so I can plan to be at the right spot on the trail!*

Also going to be posting up some of my training weekends, and of course once I get on the trail pictures and journal entries from that! (The journal entries will more than likely be uploaded camera images from my phone because I am lazy lol, maybe when I get off the trail I will find time to convert them to digital format for future hiker’s reference!)

Happy Trails,

Douglas Pecot

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