Started the morning out stupid safe.
2015-07-15 11.41.45
And then proceeded to stumble across a blueberry patch.
And then proceeded to eat blueberries for roughly an hour.
And then something interesting happened.
“The Long Trail, maintained by the Green Mountain Club, follows the green mountain range for 273 miles north to Canada. White painted blazes mark the trail. Blue blazes mark side trails. The AT follows the LT for 105 miles.”
2015-07-15 10.55.59
I stood there for a while, staring at this sign. For really the first time on the trail, another journey merged into ours. People on their own quest would soon be walking and trekking with us for the next week or so.
It was a strange thought.
And our journey is one state closer to being done.
Would be interesting if craft tobacco ever became a thing. Or is that what American Spirit is?..
Two trails converged, and I took the only one there.
2015-07-15 13.53.36