Silence was long gone by the time I dozed awake from my slumber. The house maintained it’s charm, with all of the paintings spread everywhere. What a neat place. I hope Lisa wakes up in time to go to work…
Later arriving in town, Lisa dropped me off in the tiny little downtown area to run my errands. I got my food drop from Dad and my new pair of Solomon trail runners to give a test run out on the trail. Waltzed on over to the local ritzy grocery store to check for any hiker supplies. Behind the post office, a narrow alley led to a dusty but even parking lot made of packed dirt.
Voltron popped out from behind a brand new ruby red SUV. He popped the hatch on the back, revealing all kinds of goodies. Since I had just resupplied from the post office (and then some), I gave back to his trial magic. But of course, I couldn’t pass up on a free coke! As he was injured now and permanently off trail, he was just cruising up and down the trail doing magic for all of us.
The grocery store was as I would expect in a small town in Connecticut. Poorly supplied for hikers, and quite overpriced for anything I could use. But the yogurt was delicious so that was cool. Coming back outside the store I met a man who had a small stand setup selling coffee. It seemed to be one of those “corporate” brands that doesn’t appear anywhere I have ever seen before, but somehow seems to have a well developed label designed for major chains.
2015-07-03 17.33.50
“Here man, take a coffee” the slightly overweight man wearing aviators said. “It’s hot out so I’ll make you an iced one.”
He dug through various pre-made coffees in his gigantic ice chest.
“I’ve got this thing going on where I’m trying to start up this new coffee shop in town. This is a good way to start my idea and just get it on the ground running.”
He gave me his business card and told me to get in touch with him whenever any of my ideas took off the ground and began to manifest. I wonder what he’s up to today.
Back at the main road, I sat with 2 hikers, one of them known as “The Inventor”. Ironically as I had just discussed plans with the man outside the grocery store, we carried on a bit more conversation about some ideas for trail gear. He had apparently come up with some idea for a new type of backpack that was also able to deploy as a hammock, but to no avail as having to have a rigid frame to hold the hammock’s material would have proved to be too bulky and heavy.
2015-07-03 13.15.25
Spirit checking out a guide
A good point we discussed, in creating good backpacking gear, is that in order to be completely and fully useful, it should be able to fulfill many purposes. Take the trekking pole tents for example. Designed to use pre-existing weight as part of the structure, it’s the perfect design for those use trekking poles. Now the idea, is to take the concept and push it into future designs of gear.
2015-07-03 10.20.44
Thanks for the supply drop Dad!!!
A few odd errands later, I was caught up with Lisa. Freeby tagged along with me to Lisa’s shop. Hearing about the July 4th part, I decided to take another zero to help with preparation and party favors. Freeby also agreed.
We spent a short time tagging up some jewelry for Lisa at her shop. She worked for this great local business that supported multiple charities by purchasing second hand jewelry at low costs and reselling it, in turn giving profits to people in need of homes. Pretty awesome business idea!
“So I’m guessing you guys I going to want a lot of protein” Lisa asked as we walked through the supermarket, grabbing a giant bag of frozen hamburgers.
“No doubt, and then some” Freeby said in unison, reaching for another one.
In preparation for the party, we are expecting to get quite a handful of hikers to show up. Not necessarily a lot of advertisement will go out per say, other than Freeby and I sending out messages to our friends that will hopefully have 4G (though to be fair most of the people I know are ahead of me).
We hand-picked a monstrous selection of snacks to be used in giving out as trail magic for folks that showed up at the party. Being hikers and all, I think Lisa trusted us enough.
“There’s one thing we are definitely going to need if I am going to be doing any kind of grilling tomorrow,” I said as we walked back to the car to unload the 3 grocery carts filled to the brim.
“What’s that?” Lisa asked.
I motioned with my head towards the package store located in the same complex as the supermarket. Lisa chuckled.
“Of course, let’s go get some.”
It was like walking into a candy shop. Glass bottles filled with delicious, calming, relaxing liquid lined aisles short enough for a child to peek over. Of course, for a BBQ, you gotta have rum and coke as my old buddy Stewie taught me. Walking to the dark liquor area, my eyes immediately came in contact with it: “Kraken”, one of the classics from my college days. Just sophisticated and hip enough on the outside to make you look like you weren’t broke, but strong enough to get a crowd rowdy. I grabbed the bottle by it’s distinctive squid eye handles, and marched happily over to the register.
Later that night, Uncle Nan brought up quite the bomb dropper. Turns out she had been briefly married to David Lindley, who had performed on several sets with Dolly Parton, as well as Crosby and Nash! Small world eh?