“I would trade no day I spend with you for a life of safe slavery.”
-Richard Cypher
Ten Mile Hill proved to be a nice rolling expanse, with the smell of fresh, crisp river running abreast. After just crossing the CT border, I pulled off at an overlook at the top of the “Hill”, and ran into two guys, Encyclo and Spooner. Spooner was the famous cartoon artist I had been following in the trail journals for quite some time, and Encyclo smelled better than a Day Hiker, though he claimed to be a thru-hiker!
2015-06-29 10.20.34
While sitting there chatting with them, we made conversation about the condition of ticks up and down the trail. Mentioned how I had gotten Lyme’s disease while still in Virginia. As we were discussing our different stories, I took off my disgusting socks and boots to let them dry out in the sunlight for a bit. As I was examining my legs, sure enough a tick was sitting right there on my leg just hanging out also tanning in the sun. Infuriated at the microscopic size of the fucker, I scraped him off with my fingernail. He was so small, he was stuck underneath my fingernail and the nail bed underneath it. I shook him off onto the rock next to me, and proceeded to give him death by the torch of my lighter.
Mucked on in my boots for a while, finally got sick of that and pulled out the croc rockets. Screeched into the next shelter to find Hawkeye posted up in the next shelter.
2015-06-29 09.04.02
“Croc, you won’t fucking believe it man,” he starts. “I was hiking along like usual about a week ago, when I felt light headed along this cliff Croc! Croc! You wouldn’t believe what happened next! I fell over the thing head first, busted my ol’ skull right open Croc! Then, some Girl Scout troup found me man! They called me an ambulance and helped me carry my stuff down to the road. But Croc, I gotta tell ya, I lost my sleeping mat, that nice aluminum one you gave me? I’m sorry man, shit happens right? Haha!”
I scope out the campsite, he looks like he is going to be comfortably situated for the next few days. Van Halen concert shirts and Levi’s are strung up around the shelter. I bid my farewells.
After getting off this steep ass hill, I start making a haul for town on this narrow country road. Would like to stop in and grab some chow and see some local stuff. After all, it is my first town in Connecticut! I heard a beep behind me, when Penguin and her husband pulled up behind me and zoomed me off to town.
I was dropped off at a sneaky little stealth camping place in town. Cat Napper was curled up in a pre-fab tool shed, but with no cats around him.