In record time, the incredibly-not morning person Croc Rocket flies out of bed at a light shattering 5:45 AM. Has his body clock finally reset to follow the progression and digression of the sun?
Me thinks not.
Spent most of the day dodging garter snakes and walking on old walls. One can imagine the old plantation houses long ago that dwelled in these hills, probably making moonshine and general trouble for the surrounding small towns. Which got me thinking about Hispanic folks and how shitty my Spanish is. How would I communicate with a Spanish speaker? Like for real, if you really had to sit down and communicate with a Spanish speaker who did not speak English, how would you do it?
Lots of body language. And A’s and O’s on the end of everythinga.
The water at this lake in the state park was NASTY. Way too many minions out swimming in the muck. Not worth to stop for the swim. The children were EVERYWHERE.
After leaving the lake, I almost lost my cool rag that Melissa had given me, ended up dropping my pack and running back almost a mile to get the thing. Damn thing won’t stay on my pack!
Occasionally during a walk, one finds what appears to be an old hunting cabin or large storage shed that has been converted into a shelter and becomes the property of the ATC. This 2 floor cabin with a well for water was certainly one of those, and damn was it cozy  Twiggy Ninja and I decided we were gonna hitch to town to grab some beer to have a hiker party, but turns out there was a towny waiting for us. We jumped in the dudes van and headed off to the liquor store to grab some booze.
In the parking lot, we stood around staring at each other for a minute, trying to figure out how much to buy.
“I’ll give you guys a 20, and you can get whatever you want” our Trail Angel told us.
After wandering through the liquor store like kids in a candy shop, we ultimately decided on a shit ton of beer, obviously. We came back with a 30 rack of Coors and an 18-pack of Yuengling, and a shit load of ice. This was an unfortunate mistake, as it turned out half the people with us weren’t thirsty and didn’t want to drink anything at all, which essentially turned into Me, Twiggy, Saffron, and Silverback getting completely sloshed and still having about 20 beers leftover. I hope whoever was behind us enjoyed the round!
Not to mention the delicious food that our Trail Angel Kevin brought us! Soul food Mac and Cheese, barbecue pork and chicken, bacon baked beans, delicacies of the real world, tempting us back one taste bud at a time.
Also Penguin, sorry for calling you Pigeon. I was a little buzzed.2015-06-26-20-09-15