*I need to setup my tarp, looking a little muggy out and sounds a little off, but I want to get this entry in first…
And the last round of antibiotics have been ingested! Hopefully I should start feeling normal again relatively soon. I gotta say, these water sources in NJ and crossing into NY are god awful. Tannic and brown and nasty looking, though to be fair I can’t really tell much of a taste. Will make do with what I got.
Jesus Christ, I swear these mosquitoes up here are going to eat me alive! I keep getting ghost bites in my hammock… Or maybe they really are puncturing through my mosquito net through my hammock into my right shoulder right now…
Met Whistle Tits today who was getting back on the trail after a 3 year break. Right at the NY NJ border 3 years ago, she had had to rescue a hiker who had broken her leg and needed to get off the mountain ASAP. And back the trail called her.
Big hiking group up on the mountain. They were enjoying themselves just playing around up there, taking in the views at the state border. It makes me really happy to see people getting their kids out here to explore nature. Even if they hate it as much as I did when I was a kid, I hope they grow up to be adventurers and thru hikers one day. Guy named David heard my stomach rumbling and threw me a $10 spot to get me to the ice cream store that was located just up the road. Man, I’ll tell you what if that didn’t send me rocketing past some NOBO’s I don’t know what would!
Ice cream place was absolutely terrific, though 98% of the clientel and employees were under the age of 17, which I thought was a tad strange. Where is the manager?.. Regardless, it was absolutely delicious. There was a whole gang of people I knew, Flash, Sweet Eyes, Neon, Hyrobics, Tick Tock, and Chimney. We hiker trashed that place out real good. At one point, after we had scarfed down our ice cream, we were all laid out in the shade on the side of the building. I can imagine a giant green cloud floating around us getting blown and shifted by the breeze while the teenagers in their brand new Mustangs and sports cars are gagging sick with their girlfriends downwind.
Free pizza and wings tonight baby! We eatin’ good here at good ol’ Wildcat Shelter.
*I really don’t want to even bother getting out and setting up my tarp at all now…