Remember, positivity is the key to happiness in life. When you radiate happiness and good vibes, those ricochet and resonate with those around you-
Melissa, in continued effort to trap us and keep us off the trail, made us an outstanding breakfast that gave me trouble moving after I finished it. So delicious, I just want to go back to sleep now…
I hung around with Chinook and finished up Hitchhiker’s Guide (I feel like I need to read it again? What just happened?). Chinook had a little pet snake that was real nice and friendly. All you snake haters out there, don’t hate. They are super friendly, plus they give you a nice little neck massage if you let them. Afterwards, we ran off to DG to do a snack re-up. On the way home we picked up what I still remember as one of the most delicious pizzas still to this day. Also, can I say that snakes make the best little massaging pets in the world?? Throw one of those bad boys around your neck and let them get to work. So relaxing and comfortable.
We almost pulled a zero, as Melissa was tempting us with to stay and have a big family dinner. But the trail was calling both Rush and I back, and when the Trail calls, that’s a sound you can’t ignore.
Hearts, stomachs, and legs restored, we got plopped back at the trail head and took off runnin’. Turns out today was hike naked day, but considering the amount of families that were out day hiking due to it being Father’s day and all, I just took off my shirt in order to commemorate those others who were naked out there. Oddly, didn’t run into any others who were doing the whole hike naked thing.
Rush is cheesing like a mofo
Decided today I would slowly start transitioning to vegan, just to give it a whirl. I think it’s going to be tough to keep up with my body’s protein demands but it should be possible, as I’ve seen plenty of others do it as well.
Thank again Melissa and Chinook 🙂