“No rain, no Maine” cried the hikers as they pressed on northward. Looking forward to the “town” we were soon to arrive at, Woodchuck  came hauling ass from behind me. I kept pace and we pushed on to hopefully grab some grub at this mysterious “Joe-To-Go” place.
My first observation was the massive lake that was located just a bit trail west. There wasn’t much going on here; a run down and abandoned gas station with a vending machine that could have been from the 80’s, lake houses scattered around the body, a biker pub that claimed hikers were welcome, and a bait shop. Woodchuck left, and I decided to go check out the bait shop because I wasn’t leaving town empty handed.
Certainly was a bait shop, not a single usable item in the store for a hiker excluding Mountain Dew, which I of course bought and quickly guzzled while sitting outside in the parking lot. I finally was able to pull up some information on the Google Trekker program, so I applied for that as a shot in the dark to see what would happen. *If you haven’t heard about this program, it’s pretty cool. Worth a check out.
After my drink, I’d seen enough of this place, so back on moving I went.
Ran into Voltron at Rutherford Shelter. His tent was soaked so he had it all hung up everywhere like the walls of a circus tent. We relaxed and chatted for sometime in anticipation of seeing if anyone else would show up.
Voltron doesn’t drink, and hasn’t touched alcohol for quite some time. I was really curious to get inside his head and see what made him tick, and rather what brought him to drink in the first place and how it got out of control. He pulled out a small copy of his book Alcoholics Anonymous and passed it over to me. I read the first few pages, explaining the mind of an alcoholic and what causes this kind of life. Very interesting to read and talk to him first hand about how he had gone from a drunk to being sober. Not ever having had a problem with it myself, this was always a difficult thing for me to sympathize with as it hadn’t been a first choice in self medication.
But it makes sense to me. Every single person has a vice of some sort. Mine happens to be smoking. For someone else it’s food. Others sex. Why can’t alcohol be? We all live together in separate worlds, every single one of us trying to find our own path and our own way through this thing called life.