A multitude of people tried to run me down today while headed towards town. Just so you know, assholes, it’s not cute to swerve at people walking on the side of the road. I can’t help it that there isn’t any room to walk. People like you disgust me. Just because my daddy didn’t buy me a fucking Ford F-950 Super Deusch Cab doesn’t make me less of a human. Why don’t you get your fat ass out of that overpriced hill billy hauler and go on a walk with me.

I guarantee you I will beat your ass to Katahdin and back.

2015-06-06 10.58.42

Today was a bit of a switch up. Elise was coming to visit much later in the day, and considering I only had 2 trail miles to go before I hit the road, I decided as opposed to hitch hiking to Pine Grove, a little road walking couldn’t hurt. Switch things up a little.

I started out going down the road just cruising real happy in no rush. Unfortunately, the road didn’t have the best shoulder. I was either hugging the side of a sheer rock face with 4 inches to spare between me and the road, or hugging a guard rail, or pushing through 2 feet of grass, probably infested with ticks.

When I slowly started getting into the more civilized part of town, I walked up to a bakery (which according to AWOL, was supposedly pretty legit), only to have my dreams crushed when I saw a sign hanging on the door that said “gone on vacation”. I had literally missed them by a day :(.

Pretty boring and bland after that. One strange thing abuot PA is the lack of places one can aquire a 6-pack (not the muscular kind). According to some ye olde commonwelath law, they are not able to sell beer at standard establishments. In order to get alcohol, you have to either go to a restaruant and buy it from behind the counter, or you have to go to a “distribution center”, where the smallest size is a 30-rack of booze.

Right, like I am going to need 30 beers to carry out with me…

Stopped briefly at the Dollar General to grab a few more snacks, and while walking to the hotel, I was stopped by a guy with an AT logo on his car. He had not thru-hiked, but loved hiking and had done multiple sections up and down the central region of the trail. He worked at Troegs brewery, and hooked me up with some free samples. Super cool dude!!!

2015-06-06 13.40.12

I tried working on the blog for a while, but as I keep running across along the trail, the wifi will not cooperate with me over my phone.

So, I just ended up chilling for a while until Elise showed up.

We went out to eat once she showed up. The options in town were pretty limited, so we ended up going to a little American Diner on the other side of the Interstate. I tried some beef liver, because I live on the edge like that.