Finally, my first OFFICIAL zero in 3 weeks, feels niceeee. Met up with Straight Shoota and went to this ridiculous pancake challenge breakfast place. Peter Pan and Alex attempted to tackle the challenge, I respectfully declined per Dosu’s advice. And Dosu was the guy that at a half gallon of ice cream in like 11 minutes or something stupid fast like that 7 mintues and 50 seconds, breaking the record.

Well needless to say…

2015-06-02 08.27.35

It was a shit load of pancakes. I mean, those things were absolutely enormous, and they had to eat 8 of them each. I don’t think there was even a time limit, they just had to finish them (word to the wise: when a food challenge doesn’t have a time limit on it, that means it’s going to suck. Bad.) in one sitting. They both started the endeavor with high spirits, but that didn’t last long…


2015-06-02 09.17.14
Spherical pancakes… Yum’

Afterwards, I had an appointment with the doc to get my Lyme’s treated. Yes my Lyme’s!

This morning, I happened to be looking down at my leg and noticed a funny looking rash. Yep, it was the horrible, frightening, legendary Bull’s Eye rash common of Lyme’s victims. I was kind of shocked at first, but thinking back the past few weeks, everything started making sense.

I realized that my energy levels had been slowly dwindling the past few weeks. 18 milers started feeling like 23 milers, then 15 milers started completely exhausting me. I attributed the fatigue mainly to the onset of summer heat and possibly being a little more dehydrated than normal, but I never once thought I could have gotten Lyme’s. I’m not even close to Connecticut yet! But it all started making sense.

At the Doctor, she told me that she wasn’t going to even bother testing me because the symptoms I described and the rash were enough to confirm an ungodly dosage of Amoxy. Thankfully, she said, since I had got treated early enough in the disease, I shouldn’t show any permanent symptoms after the treatment was done. I was a “stage 1” case as she put it.

Stage 2 is where the crazy shit starts happening. This is often times when the twitch and other nervous problems begin to arise. Most people catch the disease in stage 2 when they start feeling funny, and there can be some minor symptoms leftover after treatment, but usually the bacteria is completely wiped out with a strong dose of antibiotics.

Stage 3 is realllllyyyy bad. This includes the onset of paralysis, major nervous system damage, and other nasty symptoms. At this stage, recovery can still be done, but permanent damage has been dealt and often times stage 3 victims will deal with nervous issues the rest of their life.

Anyway, so the moral of the story is you future AT hikers, when you start feeling more tired than usual, GO TO A DOCTOR AND GET THOSE ANTIBIOTICS. You probably have Lyme’s. Just play it safe.

Anyway, well after my adventure at the doctor, I went to the PO to pick up my newly repaired Gregory pack (that wasn’t really repaired much, it looks like the guy just stitched a few strings into the areas that weren’t really damaged…), thankful to shed the extra 2 pounds I was carrying on the Crest Trail.

In addition to my old pack, I received a food drop from Dad, that was not in the best shape possible….

2015-06-02 10.16.37

The cereal had become the consistency of… powder. But hey at least it was still edible.

Pretty much spent the rest of my day eating and treating my clothing with permethrin. While treating my clothes I met a super cool hiker by the name of Kudzu who was an English teacher on Sabbatical for a while and was planning on hiking the AT and PCT. I told her I had just been recently diagnosed with Lyme’s and that I highly recommended treating her clothes also.

2015-06-02 16.55.51

While sitting outside later that night, had one of the junkies of Duncannon come up to the patio to come hang out with us. He was definitely whacked out of his mind on something, probably meth, trying to sling a bag of green around. Super sketch, but I bore with him and listened to what he had to say anyway.

Kudzu recommended to me a series called “Wizard’s First Rule”, which I will be looking into soon…