Hotel breakfast this morning wooooohooooo! We didn’t dawdle too long. More trail to walk and things to discover!

Once we left town (which was about a 20 minute drive on highways) we were almost at the park when I realized my phone was missing…

Let’s pause here real quick because I’m going to explain something. Now you have to understand, as some of you know, that most of my life I have had absolutely HORRIBLE anger management problems. I mean the slightest thing would go wrong and I generally lose my shit in a tantrum equivalent to the rage fits of a toddler.

Anyway, when we pulled over to search the car, I was intensely calm and was not too bothered by my missing device. I think this is a big lesson we learn on the trail.

Patience is really the only way to see through a journey. I learned of more ways to internalize and accept the bull shit that happens around me in that half year of my life compared to all of my other accumulated attempts at fighting off my angry bouts. In reality, nothing is really that big a deal. Walking 2,200 miles humbles and beats you into submission until you realize one thing: that shit is going to happen whether or not you like it and the only thing you’re doing by turning beet red with frustration is cooking the hair off the top of your head and shortening your life by a few more days. The yin and yang of life is balance. The bad comes with the good. You are not the center of the goddamn universe, so just accept that things will be bad sometimes. Once you realize this, the good times become even better because you no longer take on a deserving attitude; rather, the good becomes something you cherish and hold dear because not all of life is meant to be a cakewalk.

But I digress…

Anyway, so I lost my phone and we spent a while digging through the car. I wasn’t sweating it too much. Things will play out as they will. And sure enough, I pulled out my side pouch on my pack and there it was nestled safely with a few other small items.

2015-05-24 18.18.19
Fun fact: 2 hikers got struck by lightning this year while sheltering up in here during a lightning storm…

Back on the road we got back to the trail magic setup and hung around for a while, until we were reminded of the creamery up the road. So we jumped back into the car and took off for ice cream and cheese [which by the way, that was some AMAZING cheese!]. We got to walk around one of the sections where they were milking cows with the giant automated milking machines. One of the cows in particular looked crazy as hell, I mean eyes crossed, angry mad expression, like that poor old biddy was on the verge of busting out of that machine and making a run for it (she couldn’t have gotten out sadly anyway :(.

Afterwards we went back to the trail magic setup and just hung out for a while chatting and micro napping whilst listening to goddamn day hikers eating all the thru-hikers trail magic.

Elise and I helped them pack up the equipment and head out, and of course not 5 minutes after they left 2 thru hikers show up (with Fit’y Shrimp). Thankfully, we had kept a few scraps for anyone extra who was to show up.

2015-05-24 19.16.34

On arriving at the shelter, Magnum and his buddies brought a mad amount of beer. They were playing some weird ass card game [I later learned was called Euchre] and keeping old Wayfarer up.