After the drama of getting my poles broke yesterday, a nice peaceful rest was well deserved. Spartacus modded my poles with some twigs and such to brace the pole against bending, so it may prove useful, we’ll see as the day goes by..

2015-05-07 10.06.09

I met a fly fisherman who was telling me about his background in electrical trade. I will always remember him as saying “The ground is where it’s at”.

The climb up 3 Ridge Mountain was incredibly disappointing. I hate big climbs that end with no good view. It wasn’t until I started hiking back down the other side that I found a decent overlook (and cell signal). Managed to get through to Black Diamond, and will have another pair of poles soon! In the mean time, I upgraded the path to Z-Pole 2.1, now using titanium tent stakes instead of twigs.

2015-05-07 16.27.03Got to the shelter on the other side of the mountain, ate dinner with Hawkeye and 2 rude ass section hikers. Opie ended up popping up on the blue-blaze, said it was totally worth the WATERFALL that AWOL failed to mention in the trail guide. There was also water there, which was a major reason why I skipped that section. After staying there for a while, I decided to keep pressing and find a good overlook to toss the hammock up for the night.

2015-05-07 14.03.15As the night hiking set in, the creeping fear slowly set in as usual. I read a note on a post from Silent Bob, encouraging Spartacus to keep on pushing, that he would be at a campsite ahead. Slowly meandering into the night, the patched pole finally had enough and bent yet again, thus making me question the true property of the “titanium” tent stakes I got on Amazon. But then again they were made in China so maybe that’s my first problem..

This slowed me down enough to the point I decided I would stop as soon as I could find a decent setup. I pulled over at a location named Rockpoint Overlook, with a great view of the small city below, all the lights reaching into the sky. Content, I setup shop, and set to cooking my one Mountain House Peppered Beef with Rice I had in my pack. I did 19 miles today, I feel I deserved a little bit of a treat :). I sat on the ledge for a while, watching the sky slowly but surely clear until the stars and the lights both shine equally bright. What a bizarre and beautiful horizon. I only wish I could capture this with my camera…