Locked, loaded, and read to carry the new weight! Went and ate that mcrappy breakfast again. The Indian lady working it called me over from my meal and asked if I could help her pour cereal into the dispenser, thinking she just needed a tall person real quick.

I poured the bag in. “Yep it’s full” I said.

“One moment please” and she runs back to her kitchen. I stand waiting, wondering what she’s going to bring.

She comes back with an armful of cereal bags, plops them on the table and points at ALL of the top loading dispensers.

“ALL of them?” I ask

She nods her head enthusiastically.

So here I go, pouring cereal for 10 minutes. She thanks me and dismisses me. I go and sit back with Maggoo and Happy Camper, they were chuckling and laughing the whole time this was happening.


Anyway, hiking out was pretty boring. Hiked through a cow pasture, met a sobo, and noticed the blueberries starting to grow in 🙂 can’t wait til they are ripe! Lots of the little orange salamanders too.



Croc Rocket