That wind was terrible last night. Oh well, time to keep on hiking anyway! Got to the next shelter and told Sean about “The Captains”. He seemed interested, so we went up the trail to go check it out.

We saw the river and came up to an intersection with a bunch of dog shit all over a sign that said to the captains or something all over the place.

“I guess this is the right place”

We went on to the bank and found a zip line getting across. I loaded up first and took off, my feet just barely dragging over the water. We got there and were greeted by some relatively aggresive dogs. Though thankfully they were behind what appeared to be an invisible fence (i can see those).


The captain himself came home, and told us not to be afraid of the dogs. We went around to his back porch and helped ourselves to free soda, charging, and WiFi. Walking back to our packs, the heel nipper charged at my ankles and started biting me! I was like what in the hell?? I didn’t know whether to kick it or yell at it or just keep walking.

I just kept walking until I hit the invisible fence and he quickly jumped back.

Afterwards, we moved on to keep pushing out miles. The hike to the next shelter was brutal. Steep, and had down trees every 30 feet. Felt like it took a life time.


After getting to a summit, spoke to a couple pulling a Gator down a forest road. They lived on the mountain and had never seen a thru hiker before. Don’t you guys live around here?

Grey Dog and Red Rider caught up to me, and were planning on camping out at the overlook. They fell just short of it, but they still had a good spot..

Heading to Warspur, I had a stare down with a deer for 10 minutes. She just walked around, not giving a shit if I was there or not. I had more of the deer in the head lights look than anything. Funny how that goes.


Sean mentioned something about Himalyan salt being healthy for people prone to high blood pressure (because it’s not as concentrated or something).

Croc Rocket