…well a mostly sound night. The trees for my hammock were hung wayyyy to close. Fortunately though, this,woke me up in enough time intervals,to be able to catch the sunrise over Pearisburg. I fell out of the hammock ( literally) in my nanowave and ran for the overlook. Absolutely breath taking. What a beautiful morning.


Had to play chicken limbo with a poweline on the way into town. That wasn’t dangerous at all.


On arriving in town, I got into an argument with a gas station clerk concerning American Spirit cigarettes. She claimed that they were ALL organic. I tried to explain that only the ones with the USDA organic label (like the ones you see in the grocery store) are the only ones. She whips out a pack pointing her fat finger at the front of the box.


I gave up and just purchased a bag of bugler.

After that adventure, I walked over to the Motor Lodge to organize my belongings and hopefully find a few things in the hiker box. The manager allowed me to keep my bag, but I wasn’t allowed to use the hiker box unless I paid for a room..

“Well that kind of defeats the purpose” I thought.

I sat down above the lodge, watching a worker clean out the pool in preparation for the coming summer. As I was smoking, Chef saw me from the road and decided to come up and say hey. We exchanged plans (mine had been to stuff my face at the pizza hut buffet, his was to resupply and get back On the trail), and ultimately decided on seeing what would happen.

I walked with him to the post office to resupply, while I was working on souvenir maps for people back home. Chef ended up giving me a bunch of his extra food which saved me a resupply :). We then ran into his trail dad outside the post office, and some lady was kind enough to drive up and just hand us $10.

“Go buy yourself something to drink” she said as she drove off.

We all looked at each other.

“She didn’t specify WHAT to drink” I said.

We all chuckled.

From there we decided to head to the church hostel to see what all the hub bub was about. On arriving, boy am I glad that we did!



Turned out to be a rustic barn behind the Catholic church. Someone had come by and fully stocked the fridge for the impending waves of hikers. It was unbelievable. Almost a full resupply for free, plus all kinds of stuff to cook. We even had a grill with charcoal! The Arkansas Twins decided to make steak fajitas, so we went to wally world right across the street and proceeded to get the ingredients together.

Needless to say, everyone bought way too much food hahaha. Everyone was in a coma.

Some townies Scott and Martie stopped by after looking for shrooms. They invited us back to their house and we stayed over for several hours just exchaning stories and hanging out. We learned that apparently we hadnt seen anyone because the preacher of that church passed away recently, and now It more or less lay vacant… Eerie. Also told us about a meteor shower that was happening tonight, setting my alarm to hopefully catch it!

Croc Rocket