Spent most of the morning getting all worked up about my backpack. Hoping to see if Gregory could immediately send out a pack and they opted for the waiting game.. Well see what happens.


Hiked up in the clouds again today (would be the last time for a long time, I felt). The landowners there made it VERY CLEAR NO,TRESSPASSING WAS ALLOWED. About 300 feet of signs outta do the trick.



I found some trail mix magic in the shelter above, which was just a large pavilion with some tables right off the road. You know your hiker trash when you see a bag of food and don’t think twice about sticking your hand in it to grab a bite.

Found some ramps at a water source, was super excited to eat some with dinner. Somewhere in between the shelter and there they managed to escape. Maybe it was the cows that stared me down so visciosuly in the pasture I walked by. One May have ninja’d behind me and grabbed them.

Getting to camp, Boyd had pushed on, and I stayed in for the night with 2 sectioners from Damascus->?, Chad, and Sticks.

Croc Rocket