Starting to feel much better today. Had awesome waffles provided by  and the gang this morning. Whatever is in my system, it slowly working it’s way out. In the mean time, everyone is getting back on the trail today, I think I will spend another day here.

In celebration of this, I decided to do a 32 mile bike ride on a quest for liquor. I told Zombie about this, and we both managed to dig some old bikes out of Chucks garage.

Not designed for trail riding but screw it, faster than walking.

We both set out on the quest, ready to conquer whatever beasts may come our way. Me, on a eurotour street bike and Zombie, fully equipped with a mountain bike, set out for the 16 mile up hill rail road bed.


Before leaving, Zombie had asked if I needed to adjust the seat post for my height. I blew it off, thinking 16 miles can’t be that hardcore. I’m a hiker for crying out loud.

About 3 miles in, we stopped at an awesome little river spot. Just taking our time, no rush to cover crazy miles today. After leaving from there, I realized how ridiculously close my knees were coming to my face. This seat was definitely way too short. Only 10 more miles!

By the time we arrived on the outskirts of Abingdon, my knees were about wrecked (I guess I should have used my trekking poles too..), so we walked our bikes up into the small shopping area, where a health store and bike shop were. I ran into the bike shop, begging for any piece of metal tooling that could hopefully reverse the damage I had just done to my knees, and thankfully they loaned me an adjustable wrench.

Afterwards, I crossed the street to the health store, where Zombie proceeded to fill me in on all the good vegan brands present. A little skeptical at first, I handled the packaging of the cookies and “vegan jerky” like pieces of uranium. A leap of faith and a few dollars later, I bought my first vegan jerky along with a few other items. I knew I probably didn’t look like the cleanest person in the world, but the cashier treated me with a mixture of flirtation and utter disgust. A very bizarre social phenomenon.

Or maybe that’s normal.

I need to get back into the woods.


Shortly thereafter, our phase 2 hiker hunger was kicking in strong, so we pulled out the old data crunchers and started googling restaraunts in the area. Most were high scale country BnBs or 5 star steak houses in someone’s plantation house, where the cow was probably slaughtered before your eyes before cooking. However, there was an old school burger and soda malt joint just down the road, and a barbecue place as well. We stopped by the burger place first, checked out the menu, and decided barbecue sounded better. Moving on, we passed the BBQ place, then turned around confused. Then we realized that The Hardware Store wasn’t a store at all but a restaraunt rather. Trusting the locals/tourists driving BMWs and Audis wouldn’t touch our bikes, we dove right in.

The place was dimly lit, and nobody was inside. The prices were somewhat high, but at least they had a bar with the ball game playing. We pulled up at the high chairs and ordered our brews (lazy Mongolia southern pecan mmmmm).


The menu looked promising, so I ordered a sandwich title “The Cow”, boasting various types of cow meat stacked on a bun with queso and caramelized onions. Our food came quick, which should have been a fore warning. The sandwich was quite lack luster according to my stomach, small and mainly beef hot dog with the tiniest portion of brisket and rib meat sprinkled on top. It was food though, so I rapidly ate it. On my last bite Zombie mentioned the barbeque sauce bar.

I whipped around in my chair, and sure enough was a row of 5 different sauces on the wall.

Still hungry, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and proceeded to fill 3 cups with different sauces to try. The sandwich was out before I had finished. I guess they just microwave the meat or something. Regardless, I tried the Raspberry BBQ sauce and peach chipotle, and fell madly in love towards the floor as my ever bloating stomach swole more,into the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly. We walked back out into the blinding spring light, happy abd full with my compression shirt revealing the shape of my belly nicely to all of the white collar tourist pedestrians. I’m not sure if people were walking around me based on the stench or the reach of my belly.


We abandoned the idea of finding liquor in favor of getting back to the hostel ASAP for a nap. The ride back was thankfully much easier as it was almost all downhill.

After arriving back, we laid around for a while, and then decided to go to the Damascus Brewery for a few drinks. Being still full from the last 4 days of food, I didn’t drink anything but did talk to a few new hikers (Houdini, Goose, and Dizzy). Feeling I’ll from all of the food in muh belly, I didn’t stay long and rode home to recover in the hammock.

Croc Rocket