Finally hiked my first 20 miler (21.1 to be exact)!! First to leave shelter today, started in rain that opened to beautiful skies and views.



Going into Erwin for round 2! Stopped by uncle Johnny for a quick light reup and kept on to Curley Maple Shelter. I had heard pretty much everyone pressed on to Fresh Grounds, but I decided against for the sake of not blowing out my legs too early.

Crocin' by the creek

On getting to the 10 person shelter, Zach (who now goes by Second Guess) was there hanging out waiting for his hiker clan to catch up to him. Well they never did so it was just us 2 hanging for the night in that massive shelter. The water source here was pretty bad, a mere puddle with some elevation so I did mange to eventually refill my Sawyer. Keith (AKA Tropicana) also left a large zip lock full of snacks at the shelter, so that was more weight I added haha.

Happy trails,