Great easy day. Elise and I drove back to Sam’s gap today to do a day hike up to Bald Mountain.

Thar she blows!!

I ended up picking up a damn stick on the side of the trail to use as a substitute for my trekking pole. Helped a little bit but it wasn’t the proper height unfortunately.

Twerk what ya got

On getting to the top, we stopped for an awesome 360 view and got to enjoy the Sun for about 20 minutes until the wind drove us off, super duper cold!!

Why is there still snow EVERYWHERE


After stopping there, took her to the shelter a mile down to show her how we hiker folk live. Called a shuttle to get her back to her car safe and sound. Thank you so much for everything!

Getting back to the shelter, I met a group of boy scouts who we’re section hikers. 3 of them were completely passed out in the shelter at 4 in the afternoon.. I was a tad alarmed at this, but Just turned out they were napping the afternoon. They were interesting. One of them fixed my hiking poles (thank you!) and then promptly spilled my spaghetti all over the ground. Accidents happen, no biggie. Afterwards, one of them pulled out a stove they nicknamed the “flame thrower”. They proceeded to build a camp fire with large logs, no starting small pieces or anything, just leaves underneath, and then turned on the stove and a Dragon like flame erupted from that tiny little thing and engulfed the entire fire pit and had the logs going within seconds.

Behold, the aftermath of the flamethrower

Happy trails,