Horribly cold wake up. At least the green giant kept our gear snow free last night. I was anticipating an easy day down to Sam’s gap to meet Elise, but was absolutely frozen solid, no oatmeal or coffee 😦

Pardon my French, but that was an incredibly miserable morning. One of the worst by far (12 degrees and humid)

Finally packing up all my stuff an hour and a half later, finally start heading up the last climb. Wind was whipping so hard, none of my clothes were stopping the cold. My ears were completely frozen (that cold where you can feel the blood in your skull throbbing trying to reach your ears), my hands were completely numb. I was cursing the elements that entire 2.4 mile day (sorry Orange tent if I woke you up). Lost my shell gloves walking down to Sam’s gap because the Damn things were keeping my hands colder than without them on because they were soaking wet!!

Finally got to Sam’s gap to be saved by Elise and taken to the hotel where I ASSUMED A HOT TUB WOULD BE NOT SEASONAL. Oh well at least I got to do laundry and get a clean shower (Elise got to smell hiker funk for the first time hehehe)

Cars are weird

Tried to get my poles replaced and get a new camelbak mouth piece, to no avail. The people in this town are quite.. Interesting as well. Tennessee is an interesting state, especially the eastern portion (coming from an Alabama boy).

Erwin was nice, but not the best hiker town

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