Thankfully didn’t wake up to spider bites or any missing limbs. The bug net worked out decently I suppose.

What's fun to do with a chainsaw?

Mostly uneventful day. Hiking with one pole absolutely sucks and slows you down a good bit, but manageable. At least the view at white rock cliff was awesome

It's called white rock... Because it is
Yeah! I sat on that rock!

Walked up along a windy knob, cool view of flat western Tennessee and the blue ridges east in North Carolina. I can’t really call it a trail though, more like a rock climb

Sometimes your trail is a ladder made of rocks

Staying at Jerry Cabin Shelter, I’m realizing that these shelters on the northern end of NC were designed with midgets in mind. I must drop my “pillow” (bag of clothes) at least 18 times a night.

Happy trails,