Papa Rocket came into my rescue today!! Well at least once he found the place, considering the exit off the interstate is a gravel road.

Tiny Elf grabbing a quick nap with kitter

Dad brought down all my gear so I could do some swaps, plus a bunch of chocolate esspreso beans (thanks aunt Ellen and Uncle Todd!!) as well as some liquid band aid (thanks Paige and Bryan!! Works great for cracked thumbs). We drove to Asheville just chatting and,catching up. Day went like any other zero, eating and laundry and a bunch of sitting around drinking.

Also got hooked up with a pair of superfeet courtesy of papa rocket. Damn could I tell the difference almost immediately.

He stepped out of his truck and got a trail name. This man is a natural

I would have loved to explore Asheville more, but I beat my ass Trying to get through the smokies for Saturday. Time for some R and R!

Happy trails,