My foot pain is getting unreal at this point. Super cold abd wet start (typical of the smokies I’ve been told).


We had a few patches of warmth and Sun but very short. Stopping at tri gap, we were all so Damn cold we were jumping around inside the shelter while eating our lunch just to keep our core temps up. Everyone was chattering so hard we sounded like crazy people talking to each other in a mad house.

Then it happened.

I felt the need for poo.

Thankfully the privy was in eye shot of the shelter, but that didn’t help that I was still soaked and I couldn’t feel my hands. So, as the story goes, my business was fine but the clean up afterward was what took way too long. Trying to wipe your ass when you can’t feel your hands is the equivalent of shooting pool with your feet. It ain’t happening.

So from that point, I figured today can’t get worse? Oh no, as the elevation rose, the temperature got even colder. The wind was Damn near horizontal AT some points blowing the sleet and snow mix right into my face. No stopping for photos today needless to say.

At least on arriving at the shelter, a Ridge Runner informed us that we most likely would have the entire place to ourselves (spring breakers jump ship in this kind of weather).

Spent rest of day drying stuff and stretching, when suddenly 2 wild hikers approached, SB’s from the looks of it. We asked if they were thru or section (the big question in the smokies. Section hikers can kick thru hikers out of shelters if they know their power 😦 ), to which they responded “we are lying about thru hiking”. Well the Ridge Runner overheard that tid bit and gave them slack because it was cold abd wet, but I’m sure they were met by a ranger the next day (they don’t play around).

Oh and some hippy made a sleeping mat out of moss lol

Happy trails,