Cold wake up today, that usually means short miles. Came to a road where fire ball proceeded to dumpster dive for I’m not sure exactly. Fairly easy hike other than constant rain and moisture.

You can literally see the fog rolling over the mountain
Weird dry spots behind trees

Pulled off right before Fontana with Fireball Watson and Furball. Spent the afternoon stretching, playing harmonica, and talking to Watson about space and science. He hated Interstellar so we can’t be friends.

Oh look a double tree. Not the hotel though.

We also got really sad when we found an empty trail magic cooler 😦

I almost cried

I did get to have my first mountain house tonight (though it May have been a breakfast one) and boy do I see the hype now!


Got to meet Hakuna and K2 tonight, both awesome dudes though they are flying so I probably won’t see them for a while.

Happy trails,