Left from shelter very damp. Furball and Watson had tented by the creek, and their stuff was literally COVERED in caterpillars. Like 100s of them

Question is are they edible?

Hiked a short 0.8 miles into the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center) for a few supplies out the outfitter as well as a burger lunch mmmmmm mmm! finally got to meet Oyster and Nate, who are both NC natives (Oyster hangs ZIP lines for a living which is sweet. Nate spends his days being a doge).

Nate heroically guarding our packs

Met a few others at the NOC too including Margaret (parents hook her up with custom dehydrated food) Happy Hobo (gave me a brownie 😉 Eeyore (retired military guy who is super chill) and another long hair I whose name I can’t remember.

Such H2O

Not sure if I’m the only one who has this happen, but I have the damnest time remembering people’s real names. Trail names are no problem for me at all to remember.
Anyway, so 5 billion tots and a chillicheeseburger later, I decided it would be a good time to attack the 7 mile ascent to the next shelter. After mouth barfing the first 3 miles, swear words erupted like lava from my mouth as I realized I left my smokies permit at the outfitter. I violently tore apart my pack, un-scrunching every scrunched up piece of paper, digging out every bit of garbage. Nothing. Plan B. I called ahead to Fontana and they thankfully have a printer I can use. Personally, I think they should implement a wrist band system like the ones they use at festivals. Whatever I’m just a Damn PLUR hipster.

Am I playing Mine craft?

So finally after topping out at the peak, I completely run out of water, and still have 2 miles to go. No biggie, but as I keep walking I get sicker and sicker. My feet are hurting beyond description at this point, which is making me walk slower, which is making me more dehydrated and more nauseous feeling. I’m wondering to myself if it’s the dehydration or the burger making me feel like a piece of shit. I finally roll into the shelter and there is plenty of space thankfully, so I run to the spring and start chugging water.
Not much happened on getting to camp. We all talked about how our friends back in “normal” life made fun of us for buying crocs for the trail

H8rs gonna h8

Oh, and crazy ass Bona fide shaved an AT logo into the back of his head

Damn white boy stuntin

Happy trails,