Today was Crickets birthday!!! Unfortunately it was a wet one for him since he had decided to tent. Once getting back out to the trail, the trail ran in with the Bartram trail for,probably about 6 miles. Ran into about 4 folks total. Heavy fog and rain all day. Just before getting to wayah overlook, came around a ridge where a bunch of trees look like they had been broken off 6 feet above the ground

Sweet home alabama

Tornadoes maybe? I have no idea if they travel this far north. Anyway, carried on up to the bald fingers crossed the fog would clear just for a few minutes

Lol nope not today tired hiker

Instead, upon taking refuge in the bottom of the tower with a few spring breakers and Furball, my poncho flew out the damn window and nearly off the side of the mountain. Thankfully a bush had done the dirty work for me. After quite a few ups and downs, I ran into a ridge runner educating hikers on “micro trash”, that is the tiny pieces of plastic ripped off of packaging. So be smart! Collect that micro trash! Then she told me there was trail magic down the way about 2 miles. You bet your ass I kicked it into high gear! I thought “who would be out cooking for hikers in this nasty weather?”

Sure enough!

Guy goes by the name Fresh Ground and he runs what he calls the “Leap Frog Cafe”, where he fees hikers for free with an optional donation. At first I thought I would stay for lunch, but was talked into camping out to stay for dinner and breakfast too!

Happy trails,