Well uh that didn’t post last time…

Rhine ice

First day was pretty easy at 2.8 miles at a late start. Stopped at Stover creek shelter,

Not as pretty as it looks

Second day woke up to snow, hiked a good 13 miles. Thankful for stumbling across Bear bait cause I was dying. Hiking in 2″ of snow while snowing sucks. Trail legs slowly but surely,kicking in.

Bear Bait is really good at making fires even in snow

Day 3, saw a bad storm coming into this area, decided to pull of in Suches for the next 2 days with Bear Bait, Mito, and Hail Stones. Some of the more insane ones from our group decided to push 16 today (we did 6) and get to Neels gap. I hope they make it…

2 liters of water. Frozen solid. That's heavy.

Chilling at the Thru Hiker hostel cooling my heels watching the snow endlessly fall..

Hiker box treasure.

Happy trails,