Just spent most of yesterday afternoon breaking down MREs and philmont food packs into supply drops for the trip. All in all, I have managed to cram a weeks worth of food in each one, though some are a tad heavy than others :p. Thanks to my dad and uncle Todd for chipping in on the food!

On that note for any of you current or to be thru hikers, apparently you’re local fire department is an excellent place to look for “expired” MREs (because we all know MREs never go bad). They are required to keep pallets pf them on hand in case of emergency, and if they “expire”, they have to buy New ones. Just don’t eat the rasains unles you want to get drunk eat vinegar.


Also, another great resource for our type of food is the philmont scout ranch. They keep lots and lots and lots of delicious mountain house meals (along with other various snacks) in stock for their expeditions. However, these also “expire” at some point (or technically exceed the manufacturers recommended date) and… They sell them! For super cheap! Philmont dinner comes with a mountain house and on average an additional 1000 calories worth of snacks, ringing in at about 5.50 per meal, which is awesome considering mountain houses usually run $8 a pop. So definitely go check that out if you need some food for camping. Apparently they still have s ton to get rid of.

Today I’ll finish doing a few last odds and ends, and I’ll be Headed back to the ham to hang out for 3 more weeks!!

Happy trails,